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 Aug 2014

NPR Public Health Segment • San Antonio Police

Mental Health Cops Help Reweave Social Safety Net In
San Antonio

Across the U.S., jails hold many more people with serious mental illness than state hospitals do. San Antonio is reweaving its safety net for the mentally ill — and saving $10 million annually.

Lessons From San Antonio

Jail is an expensive, ineffective way to treat the mental health problems that underlie some low-level crime, police in San Antonio say.

Crisis Intervention Training

San Antonio's response was to require all officers to take a 40 hour course called Crisis Intervention Training, to learn how to handle mental health crises.

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The jails, hospitals, courts, police and mental health department in Bexar County, Texas, used to work separately. Since they started cooperating, psychiatric care has improved and costs are down.
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