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Latest News

 Dec 2014

NAMI Illinois • Fundraising Opportunity

Opportunity Knocked...

and together we opened
the doors!

THANK YOU; we are honored. Sincere thanks to each of you who opened your heart and your checkbook with the announcement about phenomenal donors who had given NAMI Illinois a gift with a value up to $10,000, as long as we could match it dollar for dollar before Thanksgiving! NAMI Illinois is pleased to announce that we met - and exceeded - that goal! Between our August announcement and Thanksgiving - you gave more than $15,000 to NAMI Illinois. Our special donors - angels in disguise - have pledged to meet your contributions with a $10,000 gift of their own!

151% and counting!

Now that's what we call passion and commitment to NAMI by each and every donor; your collective vision is amazing.

This is great news for NAMI IL and our affiliate as they help us with training costs, etc.

p.s. If you didn't have a chance to make a tax deductible donation to NAMI Illinois, it's not too late! Donations are gratefully accepted at any and all times of the year!

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