NAMI SWI Post Traumatic Stress Walk 2012


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NAMI Southwestern Illinois held its first Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) Awareness Walk on June 9, 2012.

We have now undertaken some pretty lofty goals to move this organization forward into more counties so that no one has to feel alone in their fight against mental health conditions. Our biggest step to date has taken place these past two weeks with the Shriner’s parade, numerous articles in the Belleville News Democrat, and culminating in the PTS Walk on Saturday at Hough Park. The biggest indicator of our effectiveness is that the week before we only had 2 help-line calls all week. Pat called this past Wednesday and for one day we had 14 calls – the majority from St. Clair County!

NAMI Southwestern Illinois wishes to express our sincere thanks for the generosity of our Sponsors.

A Special Thank You to our speakers Charles "Chuck" Lee, David Noble, and Carolyn Perkins for sharing their stories about how PTS impacts lives and to Julie Wier of Wier World Llamas and the 144th Army Dixieland Band out of Springfield Illinois for making the day fun.

Thank you to Mark, our Executive Director for his guidance, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile…Thank you to Amber, our Walk Chair, for her imagination, planning and commitment to NAMI! For those who worked prior to the parade with all the details…Thank you!  For those that participated in the parade and walked the 1.5 miles…Thank you! For those that were on the Walk Committee with planning and executing what was written on paper into a reality…Thank you! PTS WalkersFor all those who volunteered their time on a Saturday to help this organization…Thank you! 

Just like a rope is many strands of a fiber, twisted or braided together to create a thick, strong useful tool, so is our NAMI teamwork. We can’t accomplish much unless we all are working together to produce what was accomplished this past week. Thank you to all for making this happen for others who need NAMI and all that we can offer.

Just like a rope is many strands of a fiber, twisted or braided together to create a thick, strong useful tool, so is our NAMI teamwork. Rob Roennigke,

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