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NAMI SWI Starting to be Seen in Randolph County

Randolph County Mental Health Board

The Outreach Specialist position has been a blessing in my life. I want to thank everyone who supports what NAMI SWI and the mental health resources are doing in Randolph County. If you are in Randolph County please reach out to the NAMI SWI number and ask for me- Rhonda Wilson. We are working hard to get the many agencies in Randolph County to work together. There are three main groups here that work to make it better – NAMI SWI, SISAA (Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance) and an Interagency Committee. We are working with these groups and all three hospitals (Chester, Sparta, and Red Bud) to get the NAMI SWI word out.

In addition to NAMI SWI we are sharing information about the mental health agency-ComWell and also an education class MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) that is currently on hold due to Covid. We are on the radio (KSGM and WHCO) and published in the County Journal. We are networking with the Housing Authority, Western Egyptian, Peace Church and Chester’s Food Pantries, Sparta Police, Rotary, and working with many individuals within the county. Hopefully when this pandemic is less scary, we can get out in person more to share resources. So if you need help or assistance there are many willing to help and just know that you are not alone.

My email address is Just reach out!!

Rhonda Wilson RN MS
Outreach Specialist for NAMI SWI
Randolph County

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