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NAMI FaithNet is an information resource and network for NAMI members, clergy and people of faith from all faith traditions

By Phyllis Stevens

Having a son diagnosed with bipolar and having a very strong faith foundation as well as a counseling background, I am passionate about providing support, mental health education and advocacy to faith communities and offering spiritual components as a resource in recovery.

When I began my journey with my son from ADHD to the bipolar diagnosis, I was surrounded by my faith community. My church family, friends, and the pastoral care at my church were my lights in the storm. They are in fact how I became involved in NAMI. I really don’t know how my son and I would have been able to walk through these difficult years of many ups and downs without my God and my faith.

NAMI FaithNet has resources like Bridges of Hope to provide education about mental illness and NAMI programs. NAMI FaithNet is an information resource and network for NAMI members, clergy and people of faith from all faith traditions.

The FaithNet mission and purpose is to equip persons in your congregations to support individuals and families affected by mental illness through prayer, hospital and home visits, support groups, and inclusion in worship and other church activities. Also to offer referral information to mental health services and supports in your area and meeting spaces to the local NAMI affiliate.

There are many churches and clergy who either remain silent or add a negative voice denying mental illness exists at all. I am asked by many in my church community for help, to provide support and information on what services NAMI provides. There are so many hurting people in our churches who need our help.

If you would like to be a part of NAMI FaithNet and assist with our FaithNet outreach efforts, please contact us at or 618-798-9788

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